Thinking Food

I go through ebbs and flows when it comes to cooking. Sometimes I’m very excited by the idea and cook on most days, others I can’t be bothered and eat crackers with avocado for dinner. What I’ve realized though, is that eating healthy and mindfully requires some degree of forethought… I try to prepare a lot of my meals so that they can be frozen and I take one out the night before and have it for lunch the following day. I’ve tried to establish whether or not it’s worth it in the long run, as my canteen at work is heavily subsidized and the vegetarian offerings are quite impressive. I am able to eat a meal and a fresh pressed carrot juice for less than 5 euros… however if I multiply that by 5 and then include the morning cappuccino for 65 cents, it starts to add up. I can’t argue that for 100 euros a month it isn’t really that bad, but I’m convinced that my method is more cost-effective. Is it when it comes to the time investment, though? I should keep track of the monetary investment and time spent in preparation for the month of November and see how it balances out… not sure I will though, since I’m too lazy :)

Black bean soup | Asparagus, artichoke, shiitake risotto | Roasted red pepper hummus |

Chard and white bean stew | Spicy lentil salad | Mushroom bourginon