miam miam!

I made my very first lasagna tonight. I was nervous, since Katja had made it just last month, and it was so yummy – so I had a high standard to meet. Well, guess what?

Here’s how I did it (serves 6 people, but not if you go back for 2nds)

  • chop up: 5 cloves of garlic 2 onions 2 hot chili peppers
  • slice: 4-5 tomatoes a handful of mushrooms 5 small carrots
  • you also need: lasagna noodles (I mixed mine by layer, regular and spinach flavor)
  • 2 containers of ricotta
  • parmesan shavings
  • cooking cream
  • tomato sauce
  • Soy veggie meat, tempeh or any kind of meat alternative or real meat, as you prefer
  • ingredients for a bechamel, which can be made from scratch or from a mix

Heat olive oil, toss in onion, cook on low, add garlic, when it smells really good, toss in the carrots and chilis and let that all cook a bit. Then you’ll want to add 2 containers of vegetarian meat crumbles… mix it all up, add some seasoning to taste.

On the side, make your bechamel sauce (you should need about 700 – 800 ml) and also make a tomato cream sauce.For my tomato sauce, I sauteed a few cloves of garlic, then mixed in about a half a jar of tomato sauce. I then stirred in a bottle of cooking cream, and fresh basil… you have to heat it on low, and stir with a whisk constantly so it doesn’t break.
Butter your baking dish and lay your first layer of noodles (all uncooked)I layered like this (upwards): noodle, sliced tomatoes, meat mix, bechamel, ricotta, repeat
The top layer gets noodles, bechamel, ricotta, and tomato cream sauce. Don’t add all the tomato sauce… the primary toppings are the white items, and the red sauce is merely mixed into it a bit.  Save the rest for later. Sprinkle with an ample amount of Parmesan cheese flakes.Bake for 40 or so minutes at around 220 degrees… it will be bubbly and charred on top. The noodles should be cooked after 40 minutes, but if you’re really picky about your noodles being very soft, cook it longer.I served mine in a bowl, first spooning in the tomato cream sauce, and then a nice square of the lasagna into it..I got rave reviews from the roomies.. and I’ll happily make this for you, given the chance!