I have quite  a few blogs, I like to write and express myself. I go through phases and post fun stuff like photos that I take, digital art that I create, interior design, politics, thoughts about how I live my life, and what I put in my body.

Food is something that I have always focused on, mainly due to my weight issues and just having issues with eating in general. That’s a hard one to conquer, as you need to eat every day to fuel your body, and therefore you have many opportunities NOT to make the right decisions. In the past few years, eating mindfully and planning ahead have brought a new passion for cooking into my life. I’ve tried to shift my focus towards learning about food, sugar, nutrients, how to eat responsibly, and of course, ethically. Still, it’s never quite easy, and it’s certainly not effortless. Thankfully there are so many wonderfully talented people out there sharing their ideas, and so I scour the internet looking for ways to refresh my “recipe box” and to prepare meals using natural or homemade ingredients, and I’d like to share that.

Since I do have many blogs, I decided to move all of the food-related posts here, with the intention to use this as a digital recipe box. Right now I have recipes bookmarked on 3 different browsers, my Pocket account, in my inbox, on my blog, in my Pinterest account, and printed out on paper. So… it’ll all go here. The food I make, where I found it, what I thought about it, and whatever else I feel like. I’m also going to add the Points + values to everything I post, for followers of Weight Watchers. Being a vegetarian who wants to eat naturally, I find WW recipes are very limited. I hope this site will evolve into a useful repository for others!

It’s for myself, the site, for sure but it would be great if by sharing links, I help you find new ideas for yourself and new blogs to follow.  Eating healthy requires a lot of dedication, regular planning, and the desire to refresh your interests when you feel you’ve hit a period of low motivation in the kitchen. I think this will be good.

Let’s see how this goes.

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