Weekend Brekkie

Now – I will say up front that I don’t like eggs. I used to enjoy them quite a lot when I was younger, and then one day out of nowhere, the smell of them turned my stomach… it wasn’t pregnancy induced, but just some change in my senses.

A further deterrent was the taste. I once enjoyed a runny egg with bacon and toast, and voila! I ordered some and took a bite and thought, these eggs must be off. But every single egg I’ve eaten since that day has tasted like iron to me.

Maybe it’s me who has some sort of vitamin deficiency.

BUT – I once liked eggs, and I have a certain nostalgia for them, and so I persevere and find ways that I can still have them.

Usually if I add other things I can manage, like feta or goat cheese, herbs, tomatoes, and my ultimate favourite food: mushrooms!

Here is a simple frittata of sorts that I often whip together on the weekend: 2 eggs, whisked with S&P, almond milk, and fresh chives. In a small pan, pour the egg mixture and let it cook through, flipping, etc… then place on a plate

On the side, brown onions and mushrooms with little cherry tomatoes. At the end, toss on a touch of cheese, S&P and top the eggs.

You can fold it together or eat it flat. I like to add some Nando’s Peri-Peri sauce and in this case, fruit, to cool my palate


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