Where have you been all my life?

Growing up in the US, I’ve had my fair share of take out Chinese food over the years. You know it’s not really healthy, but there’s something about the greasy lo mein noodles and a stale fortune cookie, that oozes nostalgia. Since moving abroad, I haven’t had much in the way of Chinese. It’s quite a bit more expensive here and the non-meat options are usually bleak. Where’s my sweet & sour chik’n? My soy meat and broccoli? My General Tso’s chik’n? What about a vegetarian version of won ton soup!?

When I found his recipe on veganyumyum, I thought the pictures looked pretty darn similar to how I remember beef and broccoli of my youth, so I gave it a try. Here’s how it went for me:

The sauce itself is a breeze to make. I think if you tried something like this a couple of times and then started putting different ingredients into it, you could expand your Chinese food repertoire with ease.

Basically, you mix all the sauce ingredients together and simmer for 20 minutes. It will thicken and start to become sticky, saucy, dark, rich… all great to grab hold of your veggies!  Let it simmer until it boils a bit, then set aside. It thickens (as you can see from the photo) quite a lot by the time the food is plated and ready to eat.

Obviously, you prep your veg and rice (more details are provided on veganyumyum, where I found the recipe, but it’s pretty straightforward. I just prepared rice on the side in a pot as I would for any other occasion and in a wok, seared the broccolini and veggie meat. Easy peasy.

What did I think about this dish? I didn’t use a low-sodium sauce, and it was VERY apparent. The underlying flavours had so much potential but the saltiness it difficult to enjoy. Next time I’m sure it will be fantastic.


Seitan and Broccolini with Clementine Teriyaki Serves Two

For the main dish

8 Ounces Sliced Seitan (I used a soy meat substitute as my local health food store was closed)

1 Cup Sushi RIce (I used something more standard, like Jasmine)

6-8 Stalks of Broccolini

2 Clementines (I think I used an orange instead, but I can’t recall. Either way it was fine)

1 Tbs Vegetable Oil

Japanese Seven Spice, optional (skipped it)

Clementine Teriyaki Sauce

1/2 Cup Low Sodium Tamari

1/3 Cup Light Brown Sugar

1/3 Cup Fresh Clementine Juice

1/4 Cup + 1 Tbs Rice Vinegar

1/4 Cup Water Zest from 1 Clementine

More explanation and details can be found on the site below.

recipe via: Veganyumyum

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