The. Best. Idea. Ever.

I love pasta. Love it. With tomato sauce, even more. Add some cheese, a ragu, a Bolognese, braised meat (back in the day), cream sauce, broth… I am far from fussy when it comes to preparation. Pasta, and bread alike, are just comfort foods in my world. Pair them with something horribly naughty, like salted butter and a glass of rustic red wine and I’m set.

Bah… but it sticks to my ass, the pasta. I often feel bloated after eating it as well, and in the end, wonder  if it’s even worth the indulgence. So what to do? How can I have a faux Bolognese if the pasta itself makes me feel gross? Replace it with something else (dare I say it… something BETTER!!?)


Squash or courgette – sliced into fat ribbons or passed through a spiralizer (I am assuming there as I don’t have one, myself) make for a lovely “pasta” dish. The texture is eerily similar. The taste mild. I try to cook the slices for just the right amount of time (maybe a few minutes) in order to leave it firm, but not crunchy. The worst-case scenario is overcooked, which I’ve also done, and it’s mushy.

So, the above photo is my interpretation of a summer pasta. I made a light white wine sauce with fresh herbs, tossed in tomatoes and peas, and then topped it with (too much by the looks of it) shaved Italian cheese.

I don’t think you can make a recipe for this… but it’s easy enough to wing it and come up with your own ideas. I’ve done it now a myriad of ways… white cream sauce with peas (love’em!) and mushrooms, seared tuna and white wine, shrimp and white wine, spicy with soy chopped meat (sort of a Bolognese, but with mad heat).

Usually what I do, is make the sauce and other components in a wok, and then when it’s nearly finished, I plop in the entire wad of stripped courgette, toss it into the mix and put the lid on. After 4 minutes or so, I toss it again, and that’s it. It still cooks a bit from pot to plate to mouth, so it’s almost always worked out perfectly… except the mushy time.


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