My nemesis… homemade veggie burgers

I’ve decided that I’m going to try several recipes that I have on hand and review each one here. I’ve tried veggie burgers in the past, and consistently what I struggle with, is texture. I think that’s a common dilemma… how do you get the burger to stay in one piece when grilling it?

Here’s my first try: The Protein Powerhouse by Veggie & the Beast Why did I start with this burger? To be honest, it’s because of the high protein content. I eat a mainly vegetarian diet and despite having loads of greens on most days, I’m not cutting it in the protein department. I also love beluga lentils, and thought they would add such fantastic texture. This recipe is actually spot on, in that it made the amount of burgers specified, plus a baby burger. The texture of the burgers when wet was thick, dense, and slightly sticky but I had no problem forming them, even without refrigerating the batter for an hour, as suggested. To make them I used a tart pan, and flipped them once whilst cooking.

 burger patty

Since this makes 11.5 burgers, I froze the remaining patties and take them out whenever I fancy one. They’re great with a salad, which is really handy for when I’m at work and want a filling lunch that will satiate me until the evening.

The end result was also quite dense and filling. I left the beluga lentils slightly firm which I’m happy about as the burgers had a wee crunch, along with the walnuts. I’ve never used “flax egg” before, so I’m not really sure if it made a difference, but the burgers were quite resilient to being flipped and later eaten. How could these have been improved? I must admit, that one thing I miss from a beef burger is a bit of grill flavour and charring on the outer bits. Could you grill these and achieve a similar result? I’m not sure. Katie does make the suggestion in her post, and I think it might be worth a try. Here is my meal, to celebrate my 1 year anniversary with E, with homemade sweet potato fries and a lovely bottle of red wine procured on a recent trip to Sardinia. Perfection? Pretty damn close! Thanks Katie, for the recipe.

burger dinner

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