Riddle me this…

I tried to go “off piste” last night and create a tofu pudding out of pure imagination. I felt inspired by my previous lemon dessert and threw tofu into my processor, along with cacao, and agave. Oh, add cinnamon. I kept blending, adding more cacao, adding more agave, and even plain soy yogurt to loosen it up. It just ended up looking like chocolate ricotta. However it tasted… hrm. Hard to put my finger on a good word but I’m going to go with “synthetically sweetened”. 2 words.

Days later I went to itoshii for copious amounts of (vegetarian) sushi and sushi related food, and realized that the tofu I’d used was far too firm. The tofu at itoshii was smooth like buttah and just melted in your mouth. This, I said aloud, is what I need to find for my pudding endeavours! Alas I haven’t had the time to do this but it’s lingering there in my brain…


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