Feed me!

I’ve eaten some mad crazy good food lately. Last week I learned how to make home made pizza from scratch. I’ve made something “similar” twice since, but using a dough mix. This feels like cheating but it was mainly down to finding the items in the shop, or time restrictions, but either way I’m stunned with how delicious it is. It’s really easy to make a pizza so the frozen pizza option seems a bit pathetic.

A bunch of us went out last week for drinks and dinner and I ended up having a mushroom burger, which was quite tasty as it had cheese mixed in. I think it was in no way healthy, and nor was the item which followed, sinfully called, “death by chocolate”…

Last night J and I visited a place here in Leiden that I’ve always enjoyed and ended up having a 3 course meal. It started with a “shot” of tomato basil soup with creme fraiche, and then a proper bowl of spinach soup. Then we had a vegetarian tapa platter of stuffed paprika with feta and couscous, roasted veg pizza slices, cheese with port reduction, and tapenade. Finally, our shared entree was a filo pastry purse filled with spinach. It was surrounded by wild rice and topped with a cheese crouton. Nom nom.

For someone trying to avoid dairy, I’ve failed miserably.

Today I managed to up the ante by whipping up vegan shoarma with home made soy knoflook sauce, and for dinner a vegan bolognese with pappardelle. For the week I’ve made hemp hummus, crudités, cabbage soup, and vegan fig bars. They are So. Effing. Amazing.

My life according to food. It could be worse. I could be eating at Burger King. Ahem.


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