Playing with my food

Today was hit and miss in my kitchen… I tried a recipe from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen that didn’t turn out well, which was disappointing since I followed the recipe exactly. Part of it was to make my own Berbere seasoning, which is used in Ethiopian cuisine. It requires around 14 different spices, and I felt that I’d done well with assembling it. The recipe was a red lentil stew. It seemed easy enough, you make the Berbere seasoning, chop some veg, and put it all in a pot with dried lentils and let it cook. The end result was just a completely over bearing flavor, which reminded me of all spice. I added a lot of water and it didn’t really help. I’m unsure if I should throw it out, or split it up and use it as a base for another soup, in order to cut the flavor.

Later, I tried something that I’d been looking at for weeks, and it turned out amazing. I made raw vegan carrot cupcakes. Unbelievable. I had frozen a load of carrot and ginger pulp some time ago from my juicer so I defrosted it and tossed it into a food processor with sultanas, dates, pecans, and a squirt of agave syrup. I was really doubtful that pressing them into a cupcake tin and refrigerating them would work, but I did as I was told and put them in. I then made a frosting of cashews, agave, and dates in the processor and put it in the fridge.

In the meantime, I’d baked 2 sweet potatoes and pulled them out when they were soft. I removed the skins and put the potato flesh into the processor with tahini and warmed chick peas, a dash of curry, salt and pepper, and maybe something else but I forget. After a couple of minutes in the processor, it was done and I put it into individual serving containers, topped with paprika and hemp seeds.

About an hour later, I remembered my carrot cupcakes and set about trying to remove them from the tin, and it was so easy. I put a healthy dollop of the cashew icing on top and let me just say it was insane. I wish more people could try food like this and see how flavorful and rewarding a vegan diet can be.

Nearly everything I’ve made from Choosing Raw has been fantastic: hemp seed hummus, sundried tomato hummus, sweet potato hummus, carrot cupcakes, almond milk, and tahini dressing. The only questionable result was probably due to me not having a dehydrator and having to use my oven. The recipe was using left over almond pulp and making almond and coconut macaroons. They tasted fantastic but the never really achieved a proper texture and ended up drying out. I’d try again, but I need the proper equipment.

All of these experiments have ended up opening my eyes to how amazing food is and how special it is to prepare fresh and healthy dishes. My main problem is keeping it up as it’s a lot of work. Sometimes I just don’t feel like cooking or making special trips to the store for ingredients and that’s when I falter and make bad choices. Overall though, I’m proud to see how much I’m growing I terms of learning about food and how I want to feed myself. Eventually I’ll get to where I want to be with it, I’m sure.

Sweet potato hummus via: Choosing Raw

raw vegan carrot cake cupcakes via: Choosing Raw

Ethiopian inspired red lentil soup via: Fat Free Vegan Kitchen


2 thoughts on “Playing with my food

    • Hi Gena, Thanks for replying! I have loved almost everything that I’ve tried from Choosing Raw. I’ve learned to re-think food in so many ways since discovering it. I’m from the US, but live in the Netherlands and I’m finding it difficult to locate dehydrators and a Spiralizer, so I’m missing out on a lot of your recipes, but I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to post so regularly and to constantly come up with fresh ideas 🙂

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