between the grey clouds in a blue sky

I would never wish to live in south Africa, since I’d probably be raped and murdered, BUT I love following Elle Decor SA and seeing what a vibrant art scene they have. It’s odd to me how their posts feature cute little boutiques and art fairs, and all the people look so care free whilst I hear from people who live there that protecting your personal safety features quite heavily in daily life. It’s an interesting juxtaposition for me… anyway, I was initially drawn to this post because of the fun illustrations. It shows how simple poster design can be quite lovely. From what I can see, they’re basic vector designs. I’d love to try my hand at redoing some of them as a refresher. Aside from the visual attraction, the concept of Market is fantastic. They have a monthly event where local artists and foodies can gather and rent stalls to showcase their wares. The blog features links to some of the vendors as well, for those of us who are not local and cannot enjoy the in person experience. It would be great to find something like that here in the Netherlands.

I Heart Market


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