How to live like a hobo

But eat like a queen:

  • Take time to think through your options and think apart from the most obvious choices.
  • Be resourceful.
  • Use your freezer for good, and not evil.

Tonight I couldn’t think of what to make. I’ve managed to defrost all of my leftovers and order take out pizza this week. I’ve also avoided the supermarket for a bit too long so I’ve been eating breakfast and lunch at work. The bareness of my fridge and cabinet were cause for me to put on my chef’s hat and “get creative”.

First I grabbed spring onions that were days from going off, and chopped them up. Then I stood thinking, what now? Lentils? No, takes too long. Risotto? No Parmesan. Wild rice… Boring.

So, I grabbed garlic and pinched a bunch off my basil and grabbed a couple of salt nuggets that I brought from Genova. I mashed them with my mortar and pestle and then still hadn’t a clue what would make the “body” of my meal.

Then I thought, a-ha! I have frozen spinach and peas. I found some volkoren penne and cooked that up. In the meantime, I tossed the paste that I made with the onions into some hot oil, and then added the peas and a huge wad of spinach. In the end I used the last of my tomato sauce, and a knob of butter.

Voila. Penne with sauteed spinach, peas, and spring onion, topped with a yummy pile of tomato garlic and basil.

And the last of the wine on the side, natuurlijk.

Whilst I was doing all this thoughtful food preparation, I tossed 2 huge sweet potatoes in the oven that I’ve had lying around for well over a month (they were totally fine… those suckers are resilient!) When it was time to clean up my meal, I took them out of the oven. One went into a container as it was. The other, I mashed open, topped it with a bit of butter and the topping from my pasta, and packed it away for tomorrow’s lunch.

Sometimes, I manage to impress myself…


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