orange you glad to see me?

imageFood rocks. I love food. I love thinking about it, smelling it, tasting it, buying it, cutting it up,   mashing it, toasting it, mixing it, melting it… I love seeing it. Food is magic.

Food can also be other things. But we all know that already.

Today, I started my day with a fresh orange juice, made right in my kitchen. I had organic muesli with Greek yogurt, mixed with a spoonful of white honey and flax seeds. Later I enjoyed a cappuccino and a cookie (or two…) As a lunch snack, I made a banana and natural soy milk smoothie, and for dinner, I heated leftovers of a dish that I am beginning to make regularly: quinoa, simmered in veg broth and white wine with tons of garlic, onion, fresh thyme, and red pepper flakes. Later, I add chopped yellow bell pepper and asparagus. On the side, I pan sear extra firm tofu, I chop fresh assorted nuts, and toss them together with the quinoa and finish with the juice of half a lime.

After cycling this evening, I hit Burger Zaken with A and J for Tempranillo, olives, and a seriously naughty and fabulous kaas plaankje… complete with bleu, Manchego, a soft Camembert-like cheese, a sharp and firm white cheese with dried cherries, crispy whole grain breads, and fresh walnuts and apricots.

I hereby declare Saturday to be a day of absolute nom nom goodness!!


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