Friday in Genova

Weetabix and soy milk (healthy), cafe shakerato (no sugar, sort of healthy), espresso crema (with sugar, less healthy), roasted vegetable and pesto sandwich (healthy), cafe shakerato (with sugar, not very healthy), focaccia con pomodori (so damn good and so not healthy), water, farinata (not so sure about this stuff), banana (healthy), 5 mile run from Corso Guglielmo Marconi up to the top of Boccadasse (very healthy), pizza bufala (delicious, confused on health-o-meter), vini rossi (Montepulciano) (I know 1 glass is good for you. What about 6?), Ciappe de Liguria with pesto and ricotta (probably not necessary, but not horribly sinful) … hrmm.. I wonder if my up hill run cancels out today’s tasty goodness :P


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