Italian vocabulary expansion and other things

Word/taste of the day: caffè shakerati – Today, Di and I went for a delicious  vegetarian lunch at Lorenzo’s place Cibi E Libri. There were small portions of tofu with garam masala, couscous pomodori, roasted cabbage, and barley with courgette and lemon, an iced green tea with ginger, and a surprisingly fantastic vegan chocolate cinnamon muffin. He closed shop for the day at 14:30 (!!!) and invited me and Di for a caffè. He ordered us this stunning, cold, heavily shaken coffee, which comes served in a martini glass. A small shot of water is on the side to cleanse your palette beforehand. Lorenzo is a fabulous conversationalist. His English is very good and even a bit charming with his heavy accent. We spoke of his home in Milano, a love for Genoa, business aspirations, dreams of travel, Italian culture, and Genoa’s reputation for making fabulous old school cocktails… he is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to his city. He also invited Di and I to visit a small village called Sori, where he is catering a wedding. It looks so beautiful… I wonder if we’ll go!

Useful phrase of the day: Come si dice ___ in Italiano? – On our wanderings through the endless warren of narrow alleyways, Di and I stumbled upon a small culinary shop… delightfully called an “olioteca”. We chatted with the owners about taking photos in the store, which delighted them. They suggested setting up a small spread of their products with breads and dipping oils for us to photograph and taste. Di suggested that we’d give them our best photos for their website, which is in development, which made them extremely happy. It feels great to meet such nice people and walk away from those experiences smiling :)

Fun word to hear Italians say today: allora – Lorenzo says this a lot. It reminds me of the word, “Alors” in French. I believe it’s used in the same way, as a pause before a sentence. It’s just so pretty…

Words I’m trying to use daily: buongiorno, ciao, grazie, si, per favore, prego, due… cappucinos, vini rossi, caffè, and andiamo

Best idea ever: aperitivo – It is so nice to be sat sipping a glass of wine in the early evening and be served a small spread of tapas, without even asking for it!

I wish I had more time here as it seems that meeting people and being invited into their worlds could end up being the most enriching experience that I will have here in this amazing the city of light.

I ♥ Italia!!!


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