Food Styled

Plainly put, food is beautiful. Stylists go crazy these days adding food to their shots of interiors. It might have something to do with the intense variation and saturation of color found in fruits and vegetables. Their textures can be spiny, flaky, leafy, veiny, and smooth. They could have imperfections, spots of brown, little dents, or have just grown into an odd shape.

Recently I have been in the mood to cook, and I’ve been paying more attention to the cooking blogs that I have in my feeds. I think it might have something to do with the weather changing and my natural wintery instinct to “nest”. In my recent perusals, I found that there are a couple of food blogs worth mentioning, in terms of the content and also the photography. Smitten Kitchen, run by Deb in NYC, is full of interesting recipes that aren’t too complicated, and from time to time, her shots are really very pretty. She takes the time to capture the essence of the food at hand, paying close attention to those things that we respond to: a colander full of freshly washed, perfectly ripe cherries, a bowl full of fall veg, with corn still waiting to be shucked… makes me hungry. To be honest, what I like most about her images, and all of the images that I’ve selected, is that they’re completely amateur shots, made my people while they’re preparing a dish, as opposed to a food stylist, where everything is carefully staged and professional lighting is used.

eggplant salad toasts

linguine with tomato and almond pesto

skirt steak salad with bleu cheese

rootbeer float cupcakes

Another site I read, Pinch my Salt, which is written by Nicole, has a lot of interesting recipes. She started it about 4 years ago while living in Italy, so I think she might have stumbled upon some amazing foods and ideas there. This image below, to me, is right out of a Williams Sonoma catalogue. One thing that is quite nice about her blog, is that each food item is followed by 4 related items, that you might find interesting. That works well when you’re looking for just the right cookie recipe, or a soup… One of the downfalls of blogging, is that older posts get lost amongst the masses, but this method pulls items to the main page, an dkeeps them in circulation. Good idea Nicole!

honey lemon muffins

farmer’s market

cinnamon rolls

and the list goes on and on. I hope you like what you’ve seen, and you feel inspired to bust out your camera next time you cook, or even to just cook. It’s the weekend, and it’s autumn… no better time.


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